We've been fortunate to work with some of the most respected manufacturers and retailers in the industry, as well as help a number of new companies set a path for success. Below are some of the kind words we've received from our clients:

"I work with hundreds of reps to source products. That experience led me to have a lot of respect for Tom and his craft. He always comes to appointments prepared not only with recommendations, but with detailed history of my previous selections and including items I looked at but didn't eventually select. He's a great listener, adapting to the product strategies and direction I voice. Many reps would merely present "top-ten sellers', but Tom would bring pre-considered options based on his understanding of my demographic and would quickly shift directions if I wasn't loving what I was seeing. Follow-up is another strength of Tom's. Not only would he pay attention during our meetings, but he'd be taking notes. I'd get exactly what I need, when I needed it without additional work on my end. Every industry has a few stellar reps and the Toy Industry has a great one with Tom."

Jon Stackpole – Product Developer & Brand Management, Horizon Hobby/Duluth Trading Company

"We love the team at Revenew Sales! They are well connected and professional. Lindsay has embraced our products and quickly found many new opportunities for our brand. Her attention to the details is exceptional!"  "

Bret Faber – Head of Sales, Plus Plus

"Everyone knows Tom! He is a relationship builder and a leader in the toy and gift industry with a stellar reputation and a passion for selling the products he loves. He is our go-to person for panels and information to share with our newsletter readers and our panel discussions. Can't recommend high enough!"

Mary Couzin – President of Chicago Toy & Game Group, Chicago Toy & Game Group

"Tom is a fantastic relationship builder. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry and thoughtful about the way he approaches product suggestions for his buyers. In addition to being great at his job, he is a genuinely great person and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with him." 

Chris Schroeck – Design Leader & Sr. Director, Entertainment Division

"Tom is a true partner in an industry built on solid relationships. His vast knowledge and insight in sales, marketing and management enable their customers and vendors to broaden their vision and expand horizons for creativity and growth."

Fred & Brad Rosenkampff – Owners of “Southern Link”, Premier Rep Firm in Atlanta

“My experience with Revenew Sales has been extremely positive. Their insight into the Toy/Game and Gift Industries and their knowledge regarding product placement has been exceptionally valuable. And, most important, they deliver. A rare combination."

Steve Velte – Founder and President, RSV Productions (Jishaku)

“Revenew Sales thinks beyond just placing a product in our catalog. They take the time to understand our unique needs and have the expertise to step back and view the entire merchandising process with a strategic lens. They understand our margin requirements, packaging design, logistics flow, and production calendar and take these into consideration when making a recommendation.”

Jeanne Parker – Buyer, Orvis Catalog

"Revenew Sales helped us in the early development of our game assortment for our corporate stores. They helped us identify variables of focus that were critical to our consumer and channel differentiation. They also introduced us to new game manufacturers and hot new games for inclusion in our assortment, which have performed very well for us."

Mary Schoepf - Merchandise Manager of Kids & Plush, Hallmark Retail Division

"Taggies’ experience with Revenew Sales was extremely positive! Tom was personal and professional. He offered unique insights into Taggies' sales, marketing and operational aspects of our business assisting us to think outside the box of everyday routine."

Julie Dix – Co-Founder, Taggies Inc.