Have a compelling idea but not sure how to get it to market the right way? We can help:

Avoid Redundancy

Because we are in the retail arena every day, we can do the research in the market to make sure your idea or market position is truly unique.

Reduce Cost of Development

Many inventors and new businesses take steps that aren’t necessary to the success of their product. We can help streamline development so you can realize profits more quickly.

Define the Market

Have a product concept that would be great in the southern part of New Guinea? Might be fun, but won’t make you rich. We can work with you to best define growing markets, robust categories and meaningful trends.

Save Headaches (and time, and money, and…)

We get so many calls from inventors who have already invested their life savings and then decide to look at the market potential. Engage with Revenew Sales and our network of experts before you invest – don’t become another case study!

Cross the Finish Line

Whether your concept is in the early “napkin sketch” phase, or at the 80% mark and just waiting for the finishing touches, we can help bring it to fruition. Our resources include designers, sculptors, tooling experts, and factories who have created product for some of the biggest names in the industry.