If you currently design, develop, manufacture and/or distribute products, we can help you take your business to the next level in several ways:

Sales Training

If your sales team has plateaued, is relatively new, or just needs a fresh set of eyes, there isn’t a selling situation we haven’t encountered. We are also trained in “strategic selling” and “large account management process” selling, to help your team address specific accounts or initiatives.

Interim Sales Management

Some companies find themselves without a sales leader for one reason or another. Rather than allow sales to drift along without a rudder, Revenew Sales can place a resource to keep the process moving while you search for the right permanent resource. In addition, we can create an ideal structure within your sales organization to accommodate the next full-time hire at the right level.

Key Account Work

We know Key Accounts. Whether you need to develop a channel strategy, refine your Key Account presentation, or have a more professional interface with select accounts, we can be the face of your business where it matters most.

Product Line Review

Sometimes you just need an objective eye to asses your product line direction. Because we are “out in the market” every day, and see hundreds of new products each year, we can provide intel that you might not get otherwise from your entrenched sales or product team. Under NDA, we can give you feedback on the strengths and/or weaknesses of your product launches based on the trends and competitive products we see in the market.

Forecast Forensics

We understand how important your budget is and how crucial the forecast that defines it. We also know that the information you get from salespeople and outside reps is often spotty at best. Coming from a pragmatic, objective vantage point, we can help you vet your forecast for the coming year to make sure that spending and inventory levels are in alignment. This is even more critical if you are VC-backed or have a board of directors to whom you have to present meaningful sales data.

Goal Setting and Metrics

“What gets measured gets done.” You may feel like things are headed in the right direction for your business – but how do you know for sure? Is your team working the right initiatives? Are the priorities right? We can help you define those goals that will yield the highest returns, and put metrics in place to insure that the whole team is aligned with what needs to get done. We can also help create compensation programs that reinforce that direction.